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I am the executive chef and owner of a New York private chef/ catering company called A Wonderland Of Food. I specialize in three main points of service: Private Cheffing for busy families-supplying fresh, organic and homemade meals and snacks for the whole family to enjoy; Private Party Catering- providing incredible food and service for multi-coursed sit down meals; and Cocktail Party Catering- fusing heavenly passed appetizers with flawless organization, presentation and service.

Wanderlust (featuring Whole Wheat Raisin Rosemary Boules)

Whole Wheat Raisin Rosemary Boule

It’s wanderlust, that’s what it is.  It’s a feeling of intrepidness and excitement that I don’t feel any other time.  It’s an invitation to anywhere in the world, to learn about the traditions, cultures, and desires of the people.  It’s a feeling of empowerment and trust in myself.  It’s not a cookbook addiction, it’s wanderlust, ...

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Snowmageddon (Featuring Cacio e Pepe with Kale)


I am a weather fetishist.  If I was a gazillionaire, I’d be a storm chaser for sure.  There’s a feeling of simplicity of focus and exciting powerlessness in a big storm that breaks down my everyday overwhelm-ment.  Unable to control the elements, my perspective is forced into survival mode.  I’m strong and clear in a ...

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Act now and you’ll also get… (Featuring Rye Bread)

Rye Bread

I got into cooking through baking bread.  I have always thought there’s a magical component in taking a few simple ingredients and turning them into something completely different.  I mean, I love cooking all things, but when you cook chicken, you get chicken; when you cook carrots, you get carrots.  When you bake, the metamorphosis ...

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Mushroom Gnomes (featuring Wild Mushroom, Fresh Ricotta Pasta)

Fettuccine with Wild Mushroom and Fresh Ricotta

“I was thinking… when we get back, we could make homemade ravioli”, Francis nodded to the pasta roller on the counter and pulled a box from his kitchen cupboard.  It was a ravioli press.  A Raviolamp 12, to be exact, in a slightly worn box.  I was breathless.  This was ringing all the right bells ...

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Invisibility (featuring Moroccan Chicken with Saffron, Tomatoes, and Honey)

Moroccan Chicken with Saffron, Tomatoes, and Honey

I plopped down on my couch and surveyed the changing landscape of my New York apartment.  My boyfriend for 4 ½ years had moved out a few weeks earlier and, though I was responsible for that decision, the vacancy of my life was now all mine to behold. Amelia jumped up on the couch and ...

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Why? How? Who???

A Wonderland of Words is the new off-shoot of A Wonderland of Food- my private chef, private party catering company.

I’m Chef Alison Wonderland Tucker, the owner, executive chef and writer of this food blog. I wanted a place to share with friends and clients what I’m thinking about when I’m not cooking, and wouldn’t you know it, most of the time, it’s cooking. I just feel the happiest when I’m in the kitchen. So here’s my food blog, about my life behind the scenes as a private chef and caterer in the greatest city in the world.

And, lest I forget the pitch,

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