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I am the executive chef and owner of a New York private chef/ catering company called A Wonderland Of Food. I specialize in three main points of service: Private Cheffing for busy families-supplying fresh, organic and homemade meals and snacks for the whole family to enjoy; Private Party Catering- providing incredible food and service for multi-coursed sit down meals; and Cocktail Party Catering- fusing heavenly passed appetizers with flawless organization, presentation and service.

Out of Commission (featuring Russian Black Bread)

Russian Black Bread

“Oh man, it’s like you’re walking into this suit!  It was MADE for you!!!” Francis’ eyebrows knitted as he gestured to the puckering jacket and the billowing pants. “Hey, don’t worry about that!  We have the finest tailors in town to fix those little issues!  This is the only suit of its kind in the ...

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Always a Caterer, Never a Bride (Featuring Fattoush with Sumac Pita Chips)


I had a dream the other night. And in the dream, it was my wedding day.  I had overslept or misjudged my timeframe because people were arriving at my parent’s house, where we were getting married, and I was naked.  I had not yet even picked a wedding dress and was rummaging through my folks’ ...

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The Princess and the Plumber (Featuring Carrot Parsnip Nests with Cardamom Salsa)

Carrot Parsnip Nests with Cardamom Salsa

Author’s Note:  I refer to myself as a “weenie” a number of times in this piece.  It is simply a descriptor for one weak facet of my personality.  I mean no disrespect to any actual weenies; frankfurters or otherwise, all of which I quite enjoy.   I held the two short, rusty pieces of pipe ...

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My High School Crush


My boyfriend, Francis, who lives in Portland, Oregon had been here in New York for a few days.  We were managing to pack every second of his visit with activities, like you do when you’re going back to where you grew up.  There were people to see and places to go. Last Friday, Francis and ...

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Small (featuring Mini Cheeseburgers)


I will not complain.  I will not complain. I was going through a dry spell with work.  It happens when you’re self-employed.  My work as a private chef and caterer ebbs and flows with the seasons and the economy, just like most luxury services do. I know this.  I know this.  But it hurts.  And ...

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Why? How? Who???

A Wonderland of Words is the new off-shoot of A Wonderland of Food- my private chef, private party catering company.

I’m Chef Alison Wonderland Tucker, the owner, executive chef and writer of this food blog. I wanted a place to share with friends and clients what I’m thinking about when I’m not cooking, and wouldn’t you know it, most of the time, it’s cooking. I just feel the happiest when I’m in the kitchen. So here’s my food blog, about my life behind the scenes as a private chef and caterer in the greatest city in the world.

And, lest I forget the pitch,

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