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I am the executive chef and owner of a New York private chef/ catering company called A Wonderland Of Food. I specialize in three main points of service: Private Cheffing for busy families-supplying fresh, organic and homemade meals and snacks for the whole family to enjoy; Private Party Catering- providing incredible food and service for multi-coursed sit down meals; and Cocktail Party Catering- fusing heavenly passed appetizers with flawless organization, presentation and service.

PETV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables) Featuring Gluten-Free Falafel


  “…definitely the tuna tartare, and the hazelnut crusted chicken, and… then a nice, big crudite platter…” My client was reviewing my menu suggestions for her 150-guest cocktail party, adding the last one on her own. “NO”, I said, a little more aggressively than I had intended. “No”, softer now, but with the same sentiment. ...

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Temper, Temper (featuring Summer Berry Tartlets with Almond Crust and (tempered) Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream)


Summers for me in the city take on a different pace and tone than the rest of the year; most of my clients have left, slowing my workload to almost unemployment level.  The emptying of my schedule makes room for jobs I might not take on during the rest of the year.  Last summer, for ...

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Bus Life (featuring Fresh Cherry and Tomato Vinaigrette)

Arugula, Spinach, and Cherry Salad with Cherry and Tomato Vinaigrette

I stepped onto the bus, slid my metrocard into the fare box, and pulled my grocery bags close to me as I walked to the back.  “Ow” said a tiny, ancient lady with beauty parlor grey hair and a small patent leather purse.  I instantly recognized her voice.  It was a dispassionate and nasal “ow”, ...

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Spiralized (featuring Basil Pesto with Zucchini Noodles)

Zucchini Noodles with Basil Pesto

My dad clumsily peeled the skins off a few garlic cloves and then looked up at me with an expression I didn’t recognize.  He looked like a little boy. “I’m nervous cooking for you,” he said. I smiled at the slight power shift from the man whose passion in the kitchen inspired my career– and ...

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Thanks, but no thanks (featuring Brie Tartlets with Honey Garlic Sauce)


“Y’know… I used to be in catering…” The slightly weathered woman took another swig from her rocks glass and leaned against the counter.  “It just got to be too much for my body.” She must have seen me from across the room and knew that this would be the perfect moment to declare victory over ...

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Why? How? Who???

A Wonderland of Words is the new off-shoot of A Wonderland of Food- my private chef, private party catering company.

I’m Chef Alison Wonderland Tucker, the owner, executive chef and writer of this food blog. I wanted a place to share with friends and clients what I’m thinking about when I’m not cooking, and wouldn’t you know it, most of the time, it’s cooking. I just feel the happiest when I’m in the kitchen. So here’s my food blog, about my life behind the scenes as a private chef and caterer in the greatest city in the world.

And, lest I forget the pitch,

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